Goods Elevator Manufacturing Services

Goods Lift Type Full Independent

Goods Lift Type Full Independent

Goods Lift Full Independent Type is a special vertical conveyance for goods, which is very suitable for use in shophouses, warehouses or factories, this type of elevator construction all construction structures use independent poles or stand-alone construction in the sense that they are not

Goods Elevator Manufacturing Services

CV. Surya Patria Crane is a Freight Elevator Manufacturing Service Company located in Surabaya. We are a leading Company in Indonesia for the manufacture, installation and service of freight elevators. We combine our heritage as industry pioneers, our current industry leadership position, and our vision to give people the freedom to connect and thrive in a higher, faster and smarter world. Our success is rooted in our culture of innovation, the trust our customers place in us and the values that define us.

Best & Experienced Freight Elevator Manufacturing Services

CV. Surya Patria Crane is an expert in the field of freight elevators, having significant experience in the maintenance and repair of construction freight elevators. Whether it's a low capacity freight elevator, or a larger high capacity freight elevator, we have a team ready to offer you the highest quality services and products. Our freight lifts are built on fully loaded lift shafts, they have solid cab ceilings and usually have lift doors that split vertically. Whether you need a freight lift will depend on the intended use and how much weight you plan to carry. Here's an explanation of each type of lift and where they work best.

The Most Complete Goods Elevator Manufacturing Services of Various Types

Since 2014, CV. Surya Patria Crane has provided a straightforward and honest service to its customers. As a leading provider of freight elevator manufacturing services, we offer 24-hour service, repair, modernization and installation of commercial, industrial and residential elevators. Our team is ready to work according to your needs at any time.

a. Dumbwaiter Elevator Manufacturing Services

We serve the manufacture of dumbwaiter which is a type of small cargo lift. The capacity of the dumbwaiter is between 50 - 200 kg. One of the uses of dumbwaiters is in hospitals, where this freight elevator is used to transport medical equipment, medical waste to medical clothing. In order to prioritize cleanliness, dumbwaiter lift cabins are usually made of stainless and are made tightly closed.

b. Simple Freight Elevator Manufacturing Services

We provide simple goods lift services. This type of freight elevator is usually used in home work environments and medium industries. It is called a simple freight elevator, because usually the elevator cabin is simple in shape and sometimes there is no elevator door. However, in the manufacture of this type of freight elevator, we still prioritize safety. The capacity of the freight elevator ranges from 100 kg - 500 kg.

c. Goods Elevator Manufacturing Service Capacity 1000 - 2000 kg

With its large capacity, it is necessary to manufacture a safety device that is safer and more robust than a simple type of goods lift or dumbwaiter. The size of this elevator cabin is quite large, around 1 m2. In addition, because it concerns safety and comfort in its manufacture, we pay attention to the support structure and the rail road.

d. Goods Elevator Manufacturing Services 2000 - 3000 kg . capacity

This type of freight elevator uses hydraulics as a driving machine. We provide services for the manufacture of this type of freight elevator for the transportation needs of liquid materials, cars, metals or other heavy products.

e. Project Freight Elevator Manufacturing Services

Surya Patria Crane also provides services for the manufacture of freight elevators for the needs of the project area. Based on the cargo lift used, the project area ift goods can be categorized into two types, namely standby and mobile. The standby type project freight elevator has a shape that is almost similar to a goods elevator with a capacity of 1000 - 3000 kg. Meanwhile, the mobile type project freight elevator is a freight elevator that is easy to move using a diesel engine.

Leading Freight Elevator Manufacturer

CV. Surya Patria Crane is a leading freight elevator manufacturer in Surabaya, offering the best industrial and commercial access solutions in Indonesia. With a contemporary design and customization options to suit your needs, our freight elevators can be designed to suit any industrial need. is an affordable Goods Elevator Manufacturing Service Company throughout Surabaya and Indonesia. Contact us today for expert advice and the best price quote.